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Prevailing Wage

Posted: Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 6:52 am

Two Washington County Supervisors went to Des Moines to voice their opposition to the prevailing wage bill. Supervisors Adam Mangold and Wes Rich left yesterday. Mangold says after reading the proposed legislation, his interpretation is that a wage would be set by the state from information they gather from workers around the state, and that would be applied to all projects in which state money is used. Mangold says he feels this will increase the costs of projects to local governments. Mangold says according to Iowa Republican Party officials, they believe State Representative Larry Marek from Riverside will be the deciding vote. Marek said last Saturday he planed to vote against, then this week it is Mangold’s understanding he changed his mind. Now after talking to constituents again, Mangold believes Marek will vote against it.