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WACO prepping for dome game

Posted: Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 8:13 am

The WACO Warriors are gearing up to take number one ranked and defending state champs North Tama in the UNI-Dome tomorrow. The quarterfinal game was going to be played at North Tama because both teams had hosted two games, after that it goes by who had the better district record which both were unbeaten, then it goes by head to head, since they didn’t play each other it went to the last tie breaker which is which is this year first letter in the alphabet. So North Tama was going to host but as is the case every season the state tries to pull games close to Cedar Falls into the UNI-Dome which is the case in the WACO-North Tama game. WACO Head Coach Chad Edeker says he likes the site with it being a neutral site and it won’t be cold. One thing teams that play in the dome have come away saying is down on the field it is deceptively hot , Edeker says they are aware of that and they hope to keep the kids hydrated to avoid them cramping up. The WACO-North Tama game will be the early game tomorrow night, which means they’ll kick things off about an hour earlier than they have been in the postseason. The game will start at 6:15. You can buy advanced tickets at WACO High School today or you’ll be able to purchase tickets tomorrow at the dome before the game. The cost is six dollars. You’ll be able to listen to the game right here on the one to count on KCII we’ll be on the air with our pre-game show at 6:00 with kick off at 6:15. You can listen on the radio or online by heading to and click on radio plus so if you have relatives out of town or out of state that want to listen they can listen on the web.