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Washington Organization Brings Pure Water to Haiti

Posted: Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 5:58 am

press play to hear from John Hays

John and his wife, as well as co-founder of Pure Water for All talk about the foundation at the Halcyon house last year

A device created by a Washington man is being used to bring fresh drinking water to Haiti. John Hays is a co-founder of the Pure Water for All Foundation. His device purifies water in a rather simple and inexpensive way: it uses electricity to split chlorine off of a salt molecule. This chlorine is then used to disinfect drinking water. About 50 of the devices have already been sent to Haiti. Pure Water for All is trying to raise more than $87,000 to send 250 more units. The machines are solar powered, and are expected to reduce the need to shop bottled water to the earthquake stricken nation