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Winter Nightmare for Iowans with Disabilities

Posted: Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 5:01 am

There is a little more than three weeks of winter left on the calendar, and this season’s waves of snow and cold have meant cities have had a tough time keeping sidewalks cleared. While that can be a hazard walking to school or work, it presents an even more dangerous situation for many Iowans with disabilities. “Adam” commutes to work by means of a motorized wheelchair in downtown Des Moines. He says even when shoveling is done, the pathways are rarely carved wide enough for his chair. Many cities and towns across the state have ordinances governing the clearing of sidewalks within 48 hours of a snow event to ensure safe passage. When there’s snow after snow, that goal may not always be met and Adam says neighbors and friends need to step in.