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Demon softball records broken

Posted: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 7:52 am

This past softball season saw several Demon team records broken and in some categories two girls passed the previous record. In this season that saw the pitching rubber moved back three feet to spark a little more offense, it seemed to work. Lucy Libe and Maddie Bohr topped the best batting average with Libe hitting 533 and Bohr 449. The previous record was held by Libe from 08 when she hit 386.
Caitlin Fishback hit ten more rbi’s than the previous record with 45, Jenny Pearson had hit 35 in 1998. Lucy Libe broke her own record with 65 hits, she had 56 last season. Libe and Bohr finished one and two for on base percentage with Libe ending the season at 571 and Bohr 570. Sammy Ellingson came close to the sacrifice record doing it 19 times the record was 22. And as a team the 2010 Demon squad finised 27-10 third most wins and fewest losses.