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Small Business Forum Evolves Into Discussion Of Poor County Road Conditions

Posted: Friday, August 27th, 2010 at 6:28 am

A public forum Tuesday in Washington’s public library, hosted by State Senator Becky Schmitz, was designed to inform local business owners of helpful programs offered by the state, but discussion quickly turned to the poor condition of Washington County’s secondary roads. State Senator Tom Riley, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, was also in attendance.  He told the group, larger than those gathered that day in Keosaqua and Fairfield, plans to fund statewide road improvements are repeatedly blocked by legislators he challenges “to come up with a better idea.”  State Senator Schmitz said that while “taxes have become a dirty word”, Iowans are paying for necessary services.  State Senator Riley agreed, adding that construction companies currently have “incredibly low rates” and “people are hungry for work.”  The forum was the second hosted by Schmitz in Washington in an eight day period.