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Washington County Authorizes $1,500 Gift To “Friends Of Lake Darling” For Bridge Construction, More Money Still Needed

Posted: Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 6:22 am

The Washington County Board of Supervisors has given its answer to an appeal by the “Friends of Lake Darling” for funds – a $1,500 gift. Tuesday the board unanimously approved the funds to help pay for planks needed to construct a bridge between two sections of campgrounds.  While the resolution was passed unanimously, Supervisor Jim Rosien did take note that the organization could need even more money from the county to pay the full cost of the bridge planks, estimated at $5,000.  Supervisor Jim Miksch replied that the “Friends of Lake Darling” had a good track record for getting funds from multiple sources.  On its website, “Friends of Lake Darling” says its mission is to “make the Great Park of Lake Darling Extraordinary”.

Jim Miksch describes what the funds are for:


Jim rosien and Miksch discuss and the board approves the request: