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Washington County Mini Bus Profitable, Traveling More Than Seven Times Around The World In Last Fiscal Year

Posted: Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 6:24 am

The Washington County Mini Bus traveled more than 324,000 miles during the last fiscal year, enough miles to travel around the world more than 13 times. During his Mini Bus report last week, Washington City Councilman Mike Roth said the program finished with more than $50,000 in profit and provided county residents with 86,000 rides at an average cost of $2.16 per mile.  School children made up 27% of Mini Bus traffic, the largest percentage of its average 332 riders per day.  Washington City Administrator David Plyman told the city council Washington taxpayers gave $197,000 to the Mini Bus program last year, a “four to one” ratio compared to other entities in the county.