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Washington Appoints New Treasurer In Accordance With New Investment Policy

Posted: Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 6:24 am


Washington’s City Council has appointed Joe Meyers to the position of city treasurer, an appointment that fills a previously vacant position in the city’s government. City Administrator David Plyman said at a meeting last week a previous city clerk had served as the city’s treasurer, and a year ago those duties were then passed to Washington’s Auditor.  Plyman said the city’s new investment policy, passed last week, specifically mentions a City Treasurer, making an appointment to the vacant position necessary.  Councilman Fred Stark told the group Washington’s new investment policy was created from Storm Lake guidelines he called “as good as any” the council had researched.  Mayor Sandra Johnson says the guidelines “correct a deficiency cited” during an audit of city government by a CPA firm.