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Research Continues For $8 Million Dollar Plan To Pay For Washington County Secondary Road Improvements

Posted: Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 6:30 am


The Washington County Board of Supervisors have asked for further research into a plan that would allow the county to borrow $8 million dollars to pay for secondary road improvements. Yesterday Washington County Engineer David Patterson recommended private bonds to pay for the county’s share of the $12 million project, and also described a preliminary plan that would “essentially have rural paying 75%, [and] urban paying 25%” of project costs over 10 years.  The scenario would increase the levy paid by rural residents by 93 cents, with a smaller increase of 50 cents for the general levy that is paid by all Washington County residents.  Supervisor Jim Rosien supports the rehabilitation project, but cautioned the group that the only way to pay was through new taxes, adding that city residents would have to be educated to understand the project improves more than just gravel roads in the country.