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Washington HS Principal Envisions Regional High School, “One To One” Ratio Of Students To Computers

Posted: Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 6:30 am

Washington High School Principal Erik Buchholz is dreaming big. Wednesday night he gave a presentation to the Washington School Board on the status of the district’s high school, noting goals of a “one to one ratio” of students to computers and eventual expansion of the school to a regional entity.  Buchholz said district consolidation was going to happen eventually, with or without the proper preparation to ensure hundred of new students would come to Washington.  The school board also heard information from a representative of Musco Lightning and decided to award a $47,500 contract to the company for lightning at the new softball field.  Ardent Lighting Group had offered a similar bid for less, but board members were more impressed with the energy efficient, computer controlled Musco package.