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Washington Police Officer Witnesses Accident From Squad Car

Posted: Saturday, September 4th, 2010 at 6:24 am


A three car accident occurred Thursday afternoon on East Washington Street and 9th Avenue, but police didn’t have to respond to the scene: they were already there. Washington Police Officer Brett Sorrells told KCII on the scene of the accident that at approximately 3:10 in the afternoon he was waiting at a stop sign on 9th Avenue.  He then witnessed Shirley Gilson of Washington driving westbound on East Washington Street, stop and fail to yield during a left turn.  Gilson collided with a minivan driving eastbound on East Washington Street and a stationary truck on 9th Avenue, but no one was injured.  Officer Sorrells cited Gilson at the scene for “failure to yield upon making a left turn” in an accident causing more than $1,500.