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Sheriff’s Office Warns of E-Mail Scams

Posted: Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 6:28 am

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about E-mail scams. Several people have reported that they have received emails from “friends or family” that stated that they are traveling overseas and have lost or misplaced their wallet, money, cashiers checks, ID, passport, and are in desperate need of funds, and to please send money as soon as possible so they can return home. This is a scam. The second scam occurs from an email pretending to be from Iowa Telecom, stating that your email account is about to expire and to get it up and running again, they need your user name, password, and to send it right away and to not delete the email. Windstream has informed the Sheriff’s Office that they do not send e-mails like that at all. Do not provide the requested information or respond at all, and it is OK to delete the email. Contact the Sheriff’s Office with any questions.