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Preschool Funding Affects Programs

Posted: Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 6:28 am
Author: KCII News - Bill Gatchel


Governor Terry Branstad has proposed a scholarship of $3,000 for Iowa parents to help cover a year’s worth of preschool tuition for their 4-year-old children.  He says those who qualify have to earn less than 300 percent of the poverty rate and they would choose to go to either a public or private preschool.  Shalon Hoyle, Childcare Director at the Washington Y says this proposal can create an issue of not enough in their budget for transportation and for staffing.

She adds it can really affect parents more than their program.  Hoyle says the funding they have already received has provided them with a licensed teacher, purchase new materials they did not have access to before, plus have children in they might not have had in before.  She sees this funding as a win-win for them.