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Severe Weather Awareness Week Focuses on Flash Flooding


This is Severe Weather Awareness Week and all this week, KCII in conjunction with the National Weather Service will be looking at different topics related to severe weather.  During the week, we will be discussing family preparedness, severe thunderstorms, tornados, and warning reception.  Today focusing on flash flooding and that it is the most deadly thunderstorm threat in the country.

Washington and Keokuk County Emergency Management Coordinator Larry Smith says if you should encounter a flooded roadway because of flooding, to not drive through the water because the road might not be underneath the water.  He says during a flash flood event, he gathers data about the flooding and will pass it along to the National Weather Service and emergency personnel.

Smith says he will also inform KCII of any roadways that are flooded.  Listen to today’s In Touch With Southeast Iowa Program during the mid-day magazine as we talk more with Larry Smith about flash flooding.