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WCRF Grants Awarded

Posted: Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 6:28 am
Author: KCII News - Bill Gatchel


The Washington County Riverboat Foundation has given out nearly $201,000 in grants during the first quarter. The WCRF Municipal Grant program distributes 25% of its total revenues to cities in Washington County based on population. Last year they gave out almost $800,000 in municipal grants.

Since the program started, they have dispersed more than $3.6 million.  Here is how much each city in Washington County was awarded:

City                                   1st Quarter       Since Inception

City of Ainsworth            $8,339.64          $142,886.85

City of Brighton               $9,585.56          $186,004.52

City of Coppock               $200.95             $3,867.87

City of Crawfordsville   $3,878.43          $79,719.26

City of Kalona                  $34,704.99        $624,264.89

City of Riverside            $14,589.35        $253,102.64

City of Washington        $106,807.75      $1,919,020.61

City of Wellman               $20,698.39        $378,953.53

City of West Chester      $2,150.22          $42,992.59

Total                              $200,955.28    $3,630,812.76