The One to Count On...

Election Results

Posted: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 9:05 pm

We have listed only the winners of the elections. For entries with multiple names listed, all are winners.

Washington County


Council At-Large: Mark Kendall 380 votes

Council Ward 1: Bob Shepherd 105 votes

Council Ward 3 (Write-In): Tina Thomas 24 votes

Park Commissioner: Larry Bartlett 475


Mayor: Ken Herington 85 votes

Council (need 2): Claudine Miller-Zahradneck 79 votes; Greg Schmidt 80 votes


Council (need 3): Marc Pennington 164 votes; Johnny D. Schwartz 153 votes; Steve Slaubaugh 150 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass): 160 to 38 in favor

Wellman-Scofield Library Board Change (50% to pass): 166 to 30 in favor


Council (need 2): Teresa Hazelett 41 votes; Troy McCarthy 38 votes

Council (fill a vacancy): Brad Brown 39 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass): 37 to 7 in favor


Council (need 3):Bill Farmer 49 votes; Scott Hughes 56 votes; Ron Rich 52 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass):44 to 19 in favor


Council (need 2):Larry Black 36 votes; David Neff 33 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass):29 to 10 in favor


Mayor: Bill Poch 198 votes

Council (need 3):Nate Kasdorf 161 votes; Christine Kirkwood 161 votes; Robert J. Schneider, Jr. 177 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass):221 to 120 in favor

West Chester-

Mayor: Chad Peiffer 11 votes

Council (need 5): Judy R. Augustine 22 votes; Deb Booth 23 votes; Laurie Johnson 28 votes; Bryan Tobin 26 votes; Jennifer Tobin 29 votes

Local Option Sales Tax (50% to pass): 29 to 2 in favor

Johnson County

Lone Tree-

Mayor- Rick Orgen 67 votes

City Council- Sandra Brown 54 votes, Mitch Swinton 62 votes

Keokuk County


Council 1st Ward- Edward Conrad 21 votes

Council 13th Ward- Connie McLaughlin 29 votes

Council 34th Ward- John Ballensky 21 votes

Council at Large- Jesse Hornback 82 votes


Mayor- Anthony Cansler 113 votes

City Council- Matt J Greiner 103 votes; Scott Westendorf 108 votes


Mayor- Bernard Greiner 17 votes

City Council- Grant Altenhoffen 24 votes; Connie Baker 29 votes; votes; Neil Clarahan 20 votes; Jane W Snedigar 27 votes; Julia Smith 18 votes

Louisa County

Columbus City-

Mayor- Mark A Shear 20 votes

City Council- Dennis Evans 21 votes, Verlinda Prior 20 votes, John Shafer 20 votes

Columbus Junction-

City Council- T Mark Huston 41 votes; Patrick Rees 42; Phil Kaalberg 40 votes


Mayor-Mark S. Jay 8 votes

City Council (Choose 5)-Joan Baird 8 votes; Ronald Baird 8 votes; Dwight Britton 5 votes; Becky Eutster 8 votes; Eric C. Juhl 8 votes


Mayor-Bob Reid 6 votes

Council (Choose 2)-Robert Bright 10 votes; Danny Bausch 9 votes


Mayor-Steve Schwandke 35 votes

Countil (Choose 2)-Douglas Wolf 36 votes; Dena Reinnert 9 votes


Council (Choose 3)-Fred Failyer 43 votes; Bill Kemp 38 votes; Jim Thompson 40 votes

Council TFV-Judi Phillips 50 votes

Morning Sun-

Mayor-Bill Minnis 108 votes

Council (Choose 2)-Brian Belzer 118 votes; Roger Hobbs 108 votes


Mayor-Benita Grooms 48 votes

Council (Choose 2)-Jim Jacks 41 votes; Dale Whitaker 57 votes

Council TFV- Teresa M> Jennings 70 votes


Mayor-Ronald Durbin 115 votes

Council Ward 1-Larry D. Wagg 34 votes

Council Ward 2-Troy Mitchell 19 votes

Council Ward 3-Andy Truitt 18 votes

Council At-Large – Kenny Marlette

Iowa County

North English-

Mayor- Richard Henson 66 votes

City Council- Wendell Marsh 65 votes; Ralph Rowe 71 votes

Henry County


City Council- Kevin Fort 51 votes; Josh Miller 52 votes; Greg Rich 50 votes


City Council- Mark Fulton 12 votes; Brian Shelman 12 votes; Galen Thompsom 13 votes


Mayor- Chris Finnel 143 votes

City Council- William David Good 90 votes; Roger E Sharp 81 votes

Jefferson County


Mayor- Ed Malloy 489 votes

City Council Member at Large- Susan Silvers 439 votes

Council at Large-fill vacancy- Connie Boyer 439 votes

Council 1st Ward- Martha W Rasmussen 111 votes

Council 2nd Ward- Tony Hammes 80 votes

Council 5th Ward- Daryn Hamilton 87 votes