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Lead Shot Ban Rejected by Senate Committee

Posted: Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 6:25 am
Author: KCII News - Brad Gaspelin

The Senate Natural Resources and Environment committee has rejected a proposed ban on the use of lead shot for mourning dove hunting. Those in favor of the bill say it damages wildlife populations who ingest the shot. Southeast Iowa Regional Fisheries Supervisor Steve Waters says that the science tells us that while lead shot may kill the animal that ingest it, it has no impact on the population level.

He cited a statement from the chief of the IDNR’s Wildlife Bureau who said there is currently no credible scientific evidence that suggest lead ammunition is negatively effecting any wildlife at the population level, however because of recent concerns brought forth by the public with respect to impacts of lead on individual bald eagles, the department and Iowa State University has initiated a study on nesting bald eagles to determine the incidents of lead in the resident population.

The lead shot ban will be looked at by a house committee sometime next week.