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Assessment Testing Results Announced

Posted: Friday, February 17th, 2012 at 6:27 am

Washington Community School District has announced the results of the Iowa Assessment Testing which took place last November.  Superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen says all grade level scores in 3rd through 11th grade falls within or above the grade level proficiency in Reading Comprehension, Math, and Science using the National Standard Score.

This scoring system describes the performance on achievement continuum from Kindergarten through 12th grade and is used to monitor student’s growth and compare the performance from year to year.  Dr. Jorgensen says since this is the first year for the Iowa Assessment, the results will serve as the baseline to monitor growth.

Comprehension Mathematics Science
3rd 180.2 176.1 175.9
4th 191.1 190.4 192.9
5th 208.9 205 204.8
6th 210 214.7 212.8
7th 227.9 239.7 227.2
8th 242.8 254.2 248
9th 266.6 272.3 273.2
10th 278.8 282.7 280.8
11th 282.8 288.6 295.4

Bold-faced numbers indicate a class that scored at least one grade level above their grade level’s proficiency range.  Scores not in bold scored within their grade level proficiency range.