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Leap Year Celebrations

Posted: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 6:24 am
Author: KCII News - Bill Gatchel


While today may just be another ordinary day to most people, some do get a chance to have a celebration when it comes around every four years.  Two people from Kalona are celebrating their anniversary today.  Don and Colette Ferguson were married on February 29th in 2008.  Colette says they chose to get married three weeks before the date which happened to fall on the 29th.

She says they didn’t want to change it because it was unique and it was easier for Don to remember it that way.  Colette says they aren’t sure whether to say this is their first or their fourth anniversary.

Celebrating a birthday today is Bill Yoder from Kalona.  He says when he was growing up, his family always celebrated his birthday on March 1st because of his brother’s birthday being on February 27th and this would give some space between the dates.

Yoder says when he turned 16, the person at the driver’s license office teased him saying he wasn’t old enough to get his license and he almost believed them.  He mentions to his kids that even though he may be younger, he still pays the bills.  Yoder turns 14/56 today.