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Highland Boys’ Track at Dickinson Relays Tonight

Posted: Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 7:35 am
Author: KCII Sports- Jason Troop

The Highland boys track team heads to UNI for the Dickinson relays today as they wrap up their indoor season.  While the indoor season does not count for the official spring track season which gets underway in earnest this week, coach Dan Dickel and his team have utilized the indoor season to continue the momentum this program has built with almost twice as many athletes coming out for track this year.

“We have grown in size and numbers.  This year in particular we’ve taken a huge jump with our boy numbers.  Previously the most boys we’ve had out for track was 17; we have 31 young men out now.  We actually don’t have enough uniforms for all of them so that’s kind of a good problem.”

The first big outdoor meet of the season is Thursday at the Washington Relays.

Many area girls’ teams will head to UNI tomorrow to conclude their indoor season.