The One to Count On...

Unofficial Election Results for Surrounding Counties

Posted: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Johnson County

Results from two polling places still being awaited

-US Rep (2nd District) [Dem]

Dave Loebsack 91%

Joe Seng 9%

-US Rep (2nd District) [Rep]

John Archer 58%

Dan Dolan 41%

-State Rep (73rd District)[Dem]

David Johnson 27%

Dick Schwab 73%

Iowa County

All Precincts Reported

-US Rep (District 1) [Rep]

Ben Lange 51%

Rod Blum 48%

-State Senate (District 38) [Dem]

Shelley Parbs 55%

Nicholas G. Volk 38%

-State Rep (District 76)

David E. Maxwell 74%

Larry Wilson 25%

Keokuk County

All Precincts Reported

-US Rep (District 2)[Dem]

Dave Loebsack 80%

Joe Seng 20%

-US Rep (District 2)[Rep]

John Archer 76%

Dan Dolan 23%

-State Rep (District 78)[Rep]

Jarad Klein 83%

Priscilla Marlar 16%

-County Sheriff [Dem]

Ron George 56%

Jeff Shipley 44%

-County Sheriff [Rep]

Casey J. Hinnah 67%

Larry G. Alderson 19%

Thomas M. Hadley 14%

Henry County

-County Supervisor [Rep]

Greg Moeller 27%

Gary See 23%

Timothey A. Sammons 21%

-County Sheriff [Rep]

Allen Wittmer 56%

Richard McNamee 44%

Louisa County


Chris E. Ball 55%

Brad Quigley 45%

Jefferson County

-County Supervisor[Rep]

Stephen Burgmeier 40%

Lee Dimmitt 40%

Michael Hoy 20%


-US Rep (District 1) [Rep]

Ben Lange 53%

Rod Blum 47%

-US Rep (District 2) [Rep]

John Archer 60%

Dan Dolan 39%

These results are unofficial until its reviewed by the Canvassing Board