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Book About Washington County Veterans Draws a Crowd

Posted: Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 6:26 am
Stacks of books did not last long at the book-signing with Larry Cuddeback and Cheyenne Miller

Hundreds of people attended a book-signing event Friday that included some of the Washington County veterans that are featured in it.

The book, We Lucky Few tells a wide range of stories from World War Two.  Some men were fighting on the beaches of Normandy, others were fighting elsewhere, and some of the stories are about the large domestic and overseas support crews.

Some of the featured veterans along with authors Larry Cuddeback and Cheyenne Miller

Larry Cuddeback and his daughter Cheyenne Cuddeback-Miller compiled the stories over three years.  It’s estimated they sold about 500 copies of the book at the event at the Washington Public Library.

A steady stream of people attended the book-signing over a three hour period at the Washington Public Library
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