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Washington County Courthouse Safety

Posted: Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 6:25 am
Author: KCII News - Zach Ulin

With the shooting earlier this week at the courthouse in NewCastle County, Delaware, many local governments are examining their security procedures. Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar spoke with KCII news about parameters in place at the Washington County Courthouse. Dunbar explained that Washington County has a Courthouse Safety Committee that includes County Attorney Larry Brock, the Clerk of Court, judges and himself. Dunbar said that ideally the Courthouse would have an officer present at all times as a sort of “check in point”, however due to a cut in state funding that is not possible. Dunbar says that because officers have to go to the Courthouse several times per day for paperwork a uniformed officer will walk through to be seen. When court is in session officers are in close proximity. Dunbar also said that there are alarm buttons located throughout the building that alert the Safety Center to a threat resulting in a response from the nearest authorities. There are also evacuation plans in place for workers and courtroom evacuation plans in place for victims, defendants, jury or people attending the proceedings. Hear more about Washington County Courthouse Safety with Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar during today’s Washington Page.