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Demon Softball Versus Baseball Scrimmage Tonight

Posted: Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 8:30 am
Author: KCII Radio- Drew Shradel

Tonight at the Washington softball field you can catch your first glimpse of the Demon girls and boys of summer.

Washington will hold its annual softball and baseball scrimmage at the softball field tonight, where both squads get together and play in a friendly game to see how each sport is.

Head baseball coach Nathan Miller says this is a game that is just for fun, and it seems like the kids enjoy playing the different rules.

“It’s just a fun night for us to introduce all of the players and coaches that are going to be a part of the softball and baseball program this year, it’s also just a fun night of the two programs getting together, hanging out, we play softball rules when it’s on the softball field and we play baseball rules when it is on the baseball field, so the kids kind of get a glimpse and a feel of what it’s like to play the other sport,” Miller said.

Because it is on the softball field, they will play softball rules, which means no lead offs on the bags. The other rules are that the boys will pitch a baseball from 60 feet, while the softball team will pitch a softball to the baseball team from 43 feet.

This is also a sports drink entrance game, meaning instead of the usual charge for admission, all they ask is that you bring a sports drink that will be dispersed evenly between the programs and used on road games throughout the season.

Head softball coach Angie Shrader says it’s a relaxed game to see the summer sports teams, but both teams will do what they need to win.

“The kids just a have a really good time with it, they have a lot of fun, it’s somewhat relaxed, but yet pretty competitive, both teams like to win and like to get after it a little bit,” Shrader said.

This game is at the Washington softball field tonight at 7.