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Scavenger Hunt Ongoing

Posted: Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 6:22 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

Washington County Conservation’s digital scavenger hunt is well underway. Naturalist Pam Holz says that it is a great way for families to spend time outdoors and to keep kids active. To complete the scavenger hunt, families need to visit 8 specific locations in 8 parks across the county and take a photo of a family member at the spot. Then, they may submit their photos at the conservation center at Marr Park to be entered into a prize drawing. Self portraits are accepted. This year is the Conservation Board’s 50th anniversary. The complete list of locations and rules can be found at KCII radio dot com.

The required parks and images are listed below:
1. Marr Park – snake hibernaculum
2. Brinton Timber – bridge crossing first creek, at end of Grandfather Trail
3. Foster Woods – naming rock
4. Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area – large marsh
5. Sockum Ridge – pond
6. Hayes Timber – wooden carved entrance sign
7. Kewash Trail – Crooked Creek bridge
8. Schmitter Heritage Area – view from the crest of the trail head at beginning of the park, at the end of the access trail

The rules are:
1. All photos must include at least one member of the family. Photos may be self portraits.
2. Photos may be submitted by print, digitally (flashdrive/CD/e-mail) or shown via camera/cell phone.
3. Submissions may be received during open hours of the Conservation Education Center.
4. One entry per family.
5. Deadline for submission is August 1. Winners will be drawn and announced at the August board meeting.
6. All participating children will receive a Park Pal sticker.
7. The Washington County Conservation Board reserves the right to display winners’ photos and other contest images.
8. Board members, staff, and their families are ineligible for the drawing.