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Update: IDPH Reports 45 Cases of Cyclospora in Iowa

Posted: Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 9:59 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

The number of cases of cyclospora that have been reported in Iowa according to the Iowa Department of Public Health has more than doubled to 45. The reported cases were contracted in mid-to-late-June. Linn County now has 21 cases.

Director of Washington County Public Health Danielle Pettit-Majewski says that it is a rare parasite that causes an intestinal illness with similar to flu-like symptoms with watery diarrhea that can last on average up to 57 days. There is specific testing and treatment. Pettit-Majewski states that there are no reported cases in Washington County at this time.

She also recommends that people clean produce thoroughly before eating and wash hands thoroughly, particularly before handling food and after using the bathroom. The IDPH reports that it is contracted when an individual consumes food or water contaminated with the parasite. The source of the outbreak has not been determined, the investigation indicates fresh vegetables, not fruit, are the likely source.

The IDPH is continuing to investigate the 45 reported cases.

Listed below is the number of cases in the various counties across Iowa:

Linn County – 21 cases
Fayette County – 3 cases
Polk County – 3 cases
O’Brien County – 3 cases
Dallas County – 2 cases
Mills County – 2 cases
Webster County – 2 cases
Des Moines County – 2 cases
Benton County – 1 case
Black Hawk County – 1 case
Buchanan – 1 case
Johnson County – 1 case
Pottawattamie County – 1 case
Van Buren County – 1 case
Woodbury – 1 case