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Alumni Football Game Between WACO and WMU Reignites the Glory Days

Posted: Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at 8:30 am
Author: KCII Radio- Drew Shradel

A special football rivalry will take place between WACO and WMU tonight, but these are not the players that you would typically see on a Friday night.

Tonight Alumni Football USA is hosting a Alumni game between the Warriors and Wolves, for anyone who graduated those schools from 22, to the oldest player on the roster at 57.

It will be tackle football, and it is all to raise money for a good cause of the teams choosing, and they sell pre-sale tickets that have already been sold out. The teams will also choose someone they want to honor at halftime of the game.

The rules are simple, high school rules, with four modifications. No blitzing, no rush up the middle on special teams, no taunting or physical play after the whistle, and celebrations are encouraged.

Team Coordinator Chuck Hulke details what celebrations mean.

“Just a lot of dancing, I had player do a nice little snow angel in the end-zone, it was nice,” Hulke said. “It’s kind of hard because guys aren’t used to that, so it is hard to get them to go out there and understand that they can do cartwheels, but the one that do, they have a good time with it. It’s fun.”

This is also a game that can have a lot of meaning, with generations of players being able to play together who may have been separated by graduating years, or by a decade.

“The stories that we see are amazing, [from] the guys that get on the field. We put group of five brothers on the field that never had a chance to play together, and it is not so much the type of football they play, it’s the fact that they get to play with each other,” Hulke said. “I had a guy in Rock Fall, Ill. Who was 51 years old, who actually has two young daughters who would have never got to see their dad play football, they got to see him play football last week.”

You can watch this game tonight at 7 P.M. at WMU. Each quarter is 12 minutes long, and it is 10 dollars for ages 12 and up, ages 7-11 are five dollars, and six and under is free.