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Demons Dominate Ft. Madison on Senior Night

Posted: Saturday, October 19th, 2013 at 8:30 am

The Washington Demons got the win on senior night over Ft. Madison, and guaranteed themselves first place in the district.

The Demons had another good first half scoring wise, but despite the score did have a few hiccups that they had to get through.

The game started out with an onside kick by Ft. Madison that the Demons recovered and made them pay with a 28 yard touchdown run by Tanner Knupp to make the score 7-0.

Washington held Ft. Madison on their first drive, but then Demons fumbled the ball and lost it, making it one of the first lost fumbles of the season for Washington. Ft. Madison got the ball and pushed the ball down the field, and then decided to go for it on fourth down inside their own zone, the play took too long though and that allowed Garrett Covington to get into the backfield and bring the runner down. The Demons once again made the Bloodhounds pay off a 31 yard touchdown run by Alex Coker who broke two tackles on the sidelines, and what would been a horse collar to get to pay dirt.

Washington scored once more in the first quarter on a 57 yard touchdown run by Daryn Seibelius to make the score 21-0 after one.

In the second quarter, the Demons became a little flat, on defense they gave up a lot of yards to the Bloodhounds, including a 43 yard pass from Cruz Fedler to Colin Kassmeyer on a third and 37. Washington stood pat though and found a way to stop the advancing Bloodhounds, but it wasn’t until 1:32 in the second quarter when Coker went 16 yards for the touchdown that the Demons woke up and made it 28-0. Washington gave Ft. Madison a taste of their own medicine with an onside kick of their own that popped in the air and the Demons recovered to get the ball back and score again before the end of the half on a 50 yard touchdown pass from Seibelius to Coker to make it 35-0 at half.

Out of the break Washington brought the first team back on the field to get fired up, and they were, creating a third down and 33 situation for Ft. Madison and scoring on a 42 yard run by Coker with 7:31 left to go in third. Washington scored once more off a 22 yard run by Bryce Rickey who ran through a hole that no one touched him through and making it 49-0.

Washington put in their second team offense and defense, while Ft. Madison had their first team in for their only score of the game to make it 49-8. But the Bloodhounds left their first team in for the rest of the game, onside kicking it against the Demon second team and recovering, running a fake punt and getting the first down, trying a statue of liberty play and getting stopped for a huge loss and finally another fake punt that Nate Ross put a stop to for a three yard loss.

Washington clenches first place in the district, but head coach Randy Schrader said they want to finish it the right way.

“We need to make certain that we are locked in, and our goal is to be, a [clean shutout] we don’t want a tie, we don’t want it because we beat Williamsburg, we want to go down and play Centerville really well, and they have a great quarterback, throws the ball really well, they just do a lot of things differently, because they are going to spread the field and throw the ball all over,” Schrader said.

Seibelius was 4-6 with a touchdown, while Coker had four touchdowns, three on the ground and one reception for 50 yards. Coker finished the game 25 yards shy of 1,000 for the year.

Washington finishes up the season next week when they travel to Centerville.