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Archery Teams Finish Seventh at Mt. Vernon

Posted: Monday, January 6th, 2014 at 8:30 am
Author: KCII Radio- Drew Shradel

The Washington archery team was at the Mt. Vernon, Mid-West Tournament at Cornell College this Saturday.

Washington high school, middle school and Lincoln elementary all finished seventh in their divisions.

In the high school division, Ryan Waite had 279 points and 13 bull’s-eyes placing him third in 12th grade boys and 10th in overall boys. Alex Sinn was the best girl archer, with 261 points and three bull’s-eyes she placed seventh for 11th grade girls and 36th in overall girls.

In the middle school division, Mitchell Driscoll had 257 points and nine bull’s-eyes to place him seventh for seventh graders.

Finally, in the elementary division, Hunter Shultz finished with 242 points and six bull’s-eyes placing him third for elementary boys and first for fourth grade boys, and Ethan Scheef had 225 points with five bull’s-eyes placing him 16th for elementary boys and sixth place for fourth grade boys.