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Republican Caucuses

Posted: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 4:49 am

Title: Republican Caucuses
Description: The 2014 Republican Caucuses will take place on Tuesday, January 21st beginning at 7 pm. There are 8 separate locations for the 10 voting precincts.

Ainsworth: Conservation Education Center, Marr Park
Brighton/Marion/Crawford: Brighton Family Center, Washington Street, Brighton
Kalona: Kalona Elementary School gymnasium, Kalona
Riverside: Riverside Community Center, Riverside
Wellman: Parkside Activities Center/Wellman YMCA, Wellman
West Chester: West Chester Heritage Building (former school), West Chester
Washington, Wards 1 & 4: Washington County Courthouse, main/associate courtrooms, 2nd floor
Washington, Wards 2 & 3 (includes Jackson Twp): Campus Center, United Presbyterian Home, Washington

Date: 2014-01-21