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Baseball Takes Annual Baseball Versus Softball Scrimmage In Controversial Game

Posted: Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 8:30 am
Author: KCII Radio- Drew Shradel

The baseball team found a way to defend home field in last nights baseball/softball scrimmage, but many would argue the legality in the form that they did it.

The softball team stepped up and got two runs off of some quality hits to score the go-ahead run with the final inning in sight, but the baseball team still got to bat and their order seemed pretty short.

Wanting to get the win and the seniors some more play time, the batting order went from a standard nine players to what seemed about six, and they found a way to put the runs they needed across the plate and win 4-2.

Head baseball coach Nathan Miller said it was a good time that hopefully helped relax some of the younger players for the regular season.

“Some of our young guys were a little nervous, even though it is a fun little scrimmage they get nervous so they get that out of there system,” Miller said. “It’s always just a fun night, and by the looks of it we have a ton of gatorade that the kids can drink over the summer, and we split that in half with the softball team, so great night all the way around.”

Head softball coach Angie Shrader mirrors coach Miller comments about the fun aspect of the game, and that it helps bring some things to light that they may need to work on.

“The baseball team has the advantage, they got five extra days of practice in, and in five extra days you can get a lot done, and we have track kids that weren’t able to play and some other kids that weren’t able to play tonight either so it is just a fun experience, and we had practice before where we saw a lot of things that we needed to work on, and we also got to see some things that give you that ‘ah-ha,’ moment and make you say we need to work on that, which is good to see, and it is good competition,” Shrader said.

Both teams start their season next week. Listen to KCII as we give you all of the updates that you need about when they are playing, and when we will be broadcasting those games.