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Tasered Dog Has 30 Days to be Tested or Destroyed

Posted: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 at 6:25 am

A loose dog in Washington was tasered by a police officer in June and has since been held at the city pound. A hearing regarding the dog was held at last night’s City Council meeting. The loose Staffordshire Terrier was reported by a woman who tried to approach the dog but was growled at, she then went indoors. According to the city’s animal control officer Jason Whistler the dog was barking and snarling upon arrival and making advances on the officer. He and the officer developed the plan to tase the dog and then load it into the transport vehicle. Whistler believes the dog is unfriendly and a danger. Police Chief Greg Goodman recommends the dog be humanely destroyed.

The owner of Ozzy, described in the call to service as a brown dog with white chest wearing a red collar, stated he has never had a problem with this dog in the past. The owner, Dan Maine, stated he kept the dog in his garage and it his fault it got out. He believes the dog is very protective.

Councilman Jaron Rosien asked the owner if he’s been able to interact with the dog. Maine stated he has not be allowed to, Ozzy frequently interacts with his young family members and stayed with him when he was sleeping in his car.

City Attorney Kevin Olson instructed the council there were three options once the dog was deemed vicious. The council could order the dog be confined, removed from the city or destroyed. It was also stated Mr. Maine will be moving to Iowa Falls soon. Council member Kathy Salazar stated she didn’t want to pass a problem on to another city.

The council voted unanimously to give Mr. Maine 30 days to have the dog examined by a behavioral specialist at his cost or it be destroyed.

Also, earlier in the meeting, in a separate incident a Washington woman reported she’d been attacked by her neighbor’s dog while she was in her own yard weed-whacking. Marcia Peterson reported the neighbor’s dog had bitten her pant leg but according to the call to service the owner was charged with dog at large.