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Foundation Beef Herd Show results

Posted: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 8:39 am

Foundation Beef Herd Show results
Grand Champion breeding beef female – Conner Eichelberger
reserve champion – Chelsey Lampe

Senior showmanship – Keiffer Sexton
Intermediate showmanship – Kristine Thomann

Champion cow with calf – Drew Blauvelt
reserve champion – Kellie Dallmeyer

Champion produce or former heifer project – Keiffer Sexton
reserve champion – Nicholas Sandburg

Champion bucket bottle heifer – Roy Carter
reserve champion – Caden Evans

Champion angus yearling heifer – Jack Carter
reserve champion – Nick Coble

Champion red angus yearling heifer – Caden Evans
reserve champion – Leah Evans

Champion black hereford yearling heifer – Cael Yeggy

Champion hereford yearling heifer – Matt Colbert
reserve champion – Leah Marek

Champion shorthorn yearling heifer – Sydney Black

Champion shorthorn plus yearling heifer – Macy Marek
reserve champion – Sydney Black

Champion Charolais yearling heifer – Macy Marek

Champion composite Charolais yearling heifer – Haley Sweeting

Champion simmental yearling heifer – Grady Yeggy
reserve champion – Macey Thomann

Champion foundation simmental heifer – Kyle Thomann

Champion Maine anjou yearling – Macy Marek

Champion maintainter yearling heifer – Maggie Smith

Champion Chianina yearling heifer – Keiffer Sexton
reserve champion – Derick Sandburg

Champion commercial yearling heifer – Conner Eichelberger
reserve champion – Chelsey Lampe