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Be Kind, That’s the Goal

Posted: Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 6:27 am

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One local librarian is trying to get Washington to be kind. Jenisa Harris has started a Kindness Challenge. Right now there is a wall at the Washington Public Library that with a paper tree – trunk and limbs, waiting for leaves to bloom, that’s where you come in. For each act of kindness you do, stop by the library and place a heart on the tree. You’re welcome to write on it what the act of kindness was, but that isn’t required. Harris says there are already two hearts up on the tree.

She got the idea to promote kindness from reading Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde, which talks about kidness taking over the world by paying forward small acts. So, any act of kindness you do, from buying a cup of coffee for a stranger to volunteering with your favorite charity or holding the door open for someone, go place a heart on the tree.

The tree will be up, collecting hearts representing kindness and good deeds through the end of April.