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Highland Decides to Travel Interim Route in Superintendent Search

Posted: Monday, March 20th, 2017 at 6:28 am
Author: Joe Cerwinske

The path has become more clear for the Highland School Board as they look to fill the position being vacated by retiring Superintendent Chris Armstrong. After weighing options that included sharing with a neighboring district or hiring someone full-time, the board has decided to seek an interim superintendent. Armstrong explains the board’s reasoning, “They just felt we’ve gotten late enough into the process that it would be best to kind of catch a breath, take a moment, have somebody come in for a year as an interim. That person then may also lead the process for where the district goes next, whether that is to hire full-time or share. So that gives the district an opportunity just to take a little more time to reflect and think what they want to do.”

Armstrong added, there will be board elections this fall with two seats on the ballot. So there may be a shift in the board. With that in mind and taking the other factors into consideration, the board felt interim was the best option. Their next task is to decide who the interim superintendent will be, and Armstrong says the board will bring in a couple candidates for interviews in the coming weeks. The goal is to have a decision made by the school board meeting on April 10th.