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Riverside City Council Receives Comments on Ella Street Issues

Posted: Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at 6:25 am
Author: KCII News - Sam McIntosh

Riverside City Council met August 7. Photo by Sam McIntosh.

The Riverside City Council discussed citizens’ comments on the Ella Street project that was performed last year.

Citizen Kevin Mills asked the council at their August 7 meeting if the city was planning on doing anything in response to water drainage issues on Ella Street. Councilperson Jeanine Redlinger said she went from door to door on Ella Street asking citizens about the project which put new curb and gutter in the sidewalks. Redlinger stated the overall response was positive. Mills said he had the names of eight people that had negative comments about the construction. Another citizen asked the council if they were going to address the drainage issues this year.

Mayor Allen Schneider comments on Ella Street, “For those that aren’t familiar Ella Street has a pretty steep incline from Highway 22 to the north and as that project got completed we had some citizens that had complaints, or questions about water drainage from the street and sidewalk areas. We’re just trying to work with those citizens to make sure that any issues as a result of the street design are correct so that hopefully there’s going to be some cooperation between property owners and the engineer to work through that process.”

The council discussed possibly working with the fire department to pour water down Ella Street to observe waterflow into properties. The Riverside City Council meets this Monday.