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Washington Council Looks to Restrict Fireworks Use

Posted: Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 6:27 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

Fireworks use in the City of Washington will likely be limited to three days each year.

At Tuesday’s Washington City Council meeting staff was directed to draft an amendment to the ordinance to restrict use to two days around the Fourth of July and one New Year’s Eve, while also restricting the heavier classes of fireworks. Public comments were heard during the meeting both for and against fireworks use in the city. Those against cited debris on property and noise issues for children, pets, and veterans with post traumatic stress disorders as reasons to ban fireworks.

Members of the council discussed compromising, and councilman Jaron Rosien said, “The fact is one person’s right to enjoy their property should not interfere with someone else’s, and that’s the other argument that’s being made very clearly. In our attempt to serve and compromise we landed on a week, but it was a big week, it was like nine days to have the weekend and both weekends. I think it turns out that that was not a compromise, it still really affected things negatively.” He added he’d still like to see the results of two petitions circling the community both for and against allowing the use of fireworks in the city.

The motion to reduce use to three days each year was approved unanimously. The amendment will have three readings before being adopted. In their latest session, the state legislature approved the use of fireworks by Iowans as well as the sale within the state.