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Operational Sharing Used by Local Schools to Save Money

Posted: Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at 6:29 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

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Operational sharing is a function Iowa’s public schools can use to share the cost of administrative personnel and something many area schools use to save money.

According to the Legislative Service Agency, operational function sharing is described as “an additional weighting in the school aid formula that districts receive to support the cost of sharing administrative personnel” and they must be shared for at least 20% of the normal, full-time contract hours. It is capped at 21 weights per school district.

At a recent Washington School Board meeting superintendent Jeff Dicks said operational sharing is helping the district, “Our incentives in shared packages is over $300,000. So, I know from time to time I get questioned about if we should really be sharing a superintendent, a business manager, a maintenance person, I believe that’s a pretty strong reason to do that.” Washington shares a superintendent with WACO, as well as maintenance and transportation directors. In addition, Washington shares a business manager with Keota and a maintenance director with Highland.

Superintendents are the most often shared position at 840 weights. Operational sharing is scheduled to sunset in the Iowa legislature in Fiscal Year 2019.