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Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine Coming to Washington

Posted: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 6:25 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

Washington will be one of 500 sites for a Tim Tebow Foundation event.

Ann Williams explains Night to Shine is a formal prom for adults with disabilities and it will be held in Washington February 9th, “We have hosted several different dinners or proms, but this one takes this about 10 levels above that, it’s very formal. The nice thing about the Tebow Foundation is that they provide us with a manual, and in that manual there’s things that are considered to be recommendations and things that are called requirements. So it’s very exciting to read through this, they have done it now this will be the third year they’ve hosted Night to Shine. And it is held all around the world on one night and it’s centered around Valentine’s Day, so it’s changing that weekend from simply a celebration of love to a celebration of God’s love for people with special needs.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation has committed over $3.5 million in financial support to assist churches in hosting the event. Williams explains it will be held at the KC Hall with a banquet and a dance. In addition, every attendee will be crowned queen or king with either a tiara or a crown. Planning is underway and soon registration will be set up. To get more information contact Williams at 319-461-2511.