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Legislative Briefing and Womens March Held in Washington Saturday

Posted: Monday, January 22nd, 2018 at 6:27 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

Photos by Sam McIntosh – KCII News

Education funding, working with Managed Care Organizations, water quality, the opioid crisis, the death penalty, the diagnostic veterinary laboratory, and tax reform were just a few of the topics discussed at Saturday’s legislative briefing.

Representatives Jarad Klein (R) and Dave Heaton (R) were in attendance, as well as Senator Kevin Kinney (D). Each legislator provided opening remarks and then answered questions from those in the audience. Klein brought up tax reform throughout the discussion as a way to address priorities and funding, “I’m optimistic with this reform discussion that we can get some priorities figured out with where we’re really at, because that’s going to be a big bill. People are going to have to take stuff they don’t like to get some things they really like, but that’s how we get significant change in State government.”

In regards to the privatization of Medicaid and the operation of the Managed Care Organizations a bill has been introduced in the Senate to rescind and move back to state managed care, Kinney has signed on, “We’re not serving, especially the LTSS (long term care patients), well at all. I’ve got providers calling me daily. I’ve got family members of these individuals where they’re having to move because there’s no services. They’re having to sell their homes and moving to where there are services, leaving their support system. It’s one of these things when the state was running it at a 4% overhead, then the MCOs came in and we’re looking at a 14% overhead it had to come from somewhere. What I’m concerned is it’s coming from our constituents, it’s coming from the people we represent.”

Educational funding was brought up multiple times. Klein said he hopes to see operational sharing expanded. Heaton added that he’d like to see transportation costs addressed.

The briefing was followed by a women’s march in downtown Washington.