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Golden Hawks Ascend at Individual State Speech Contest

Posted: Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 6:24 am

The Golden Hawks competed at the Individual State Speech Contest Saturday with flying colors.

Lola Knight, Evan Meader, Tristan Novy, Carah Reimer, and Isaiah Sents all received Division I ratings for the events of reviewing, acting, improv, prose, and solo musical theater. Lola Knight and Isaiah Sents have been selected for All-State. The All-State Festival will be on March 26 at the University of Northern Iowa. For a full list of Mid-Prairie students and their state contest ratings visit

Mid-Prairie students and events that received Division I ratings at State Contest:

Lola Knight (Reviewing)
*Evan Meader (Acting and Improv)
Tristan Novy (Prose)
Carah Reimer (Acting)
*Isaiah Sents (Improv and Solo Musical Theater)
*These students received Division 1 ratings in two categories.

Mid-Prairie students and events received Division II ratings at State Contest:

Mackenzie Beam (Prose)
Maizy Fugate (Solo Musical Theater)
Lola Knight (Acting)
Sierra Mathews (Literary Program)
Elizabeth Meader (Expository Address)
Tristan Novy (Poetry)
Eli Van Roekel (Storytelling)