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Saving Brinton Returns from Big Apple, Long-Lost Brooklyn Bridge Film Shown

Posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2018 at 6:27 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

A film found in a Washington basement of the Brooklyn Bridge returned to the Big Apple for a showing along with Saving Brinton.

The feature-length documentary had a full week’s run in New York City and local historian Michael Zahs, who is the preserver of the Brinton collection of artifacts, went along to present some of these century-old nitrate films. He said while there he got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, “And while in New York we showed a film of going across the Brooklyn Bridge. And we have not been able to find another copy of that film in the world so we think it is the only one. Last Wednesday, before going to New York, Time Magazine called and interviewed me about it. And they put the film up on their website so it’s available. You know, that’s sort of a big deal to have Time Magazine recognize it.”

Saving Brinton not only features Zahs and his journey to share the Brinton collection, but also shows Washington County life through the seasons. When asked what is next, Zahs goes through the upcoming itinerary including 20 shows in Iowa City starting Friday, followed by a week in Los Angeles, June 2nd it will be part of the Washington Classic at the State Theater, then across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland for the longest continuously-running film festival, and wrapping up June in London, England.

See the Brooklyn Bridge film and the Time Magazine article here.