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Avoid Heat Illness, Stay Hydrated, Keep Cool

Posted: Saturday, June 16th, 2018 at 6:29 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

The heat index today and tomorrow is expected to reach 105 degrees according to the National Weather Service.

The hot temperatures and humidity are expected to last throughout the weekend. Washington County Emergency Management Coordinator Marissa Reisen is reminding people to be careful in the heat and prevent heat illness by staying hydrated. She shares some of the symptoms of heat sickness, “So with heat exhaustion there’s heavy sweating, you start getting pale and crampy, and tired, you might get dizzy and feel sick. You could even faint. Get to a cooler place, small sips of water, if it’s bad enough you need to go to the doctor. And then heat stroke is when your body temperature is above 103 degrees and it can’t regulate itself back to a normal temperature. You start to get red and hot, you don’t sweat anymore. And your pulse and your breathing are rapid. And you can get dizzy and confused, like a regular stroke. And if this is happening you need to call 911 and get the person to an ER right away.”

Drink plenty of water, stay in a cool air conditioned room, and always check your backseat for children or pets as it can be dangerous to leave them in a vehicle with these temperatures. Listen to KCII for weather updates.