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Sigourney Fire and Rescue Improves Mobility with New Equipment

Posted: Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 6:20 am
Author: KCII News - Sam McIntosh

Whether it’s rescuing a stranded resident or reaching a fire, the Sigourney Fire-Rescue Association has become better equipped to respond to emergency situations.

They recently purchased a new utility terrain vehicle (UTV) with an ultra high pressure pump skid and a trailer. The UTV will be used for wildland fires, search and rescue operations and EMS calls. Sigourney Fire Chief Bill Halleran shares how this new equipment is a valuable asset to the department, “Maneuverability, as well as the other thing is it’s not only the maneuverability for the grass fires is we’re able to take the skid out in the wintertime. We’ve used it for winter accidents or getting into access of places out in fields during the wintertime. We’ve had people stranded down on river bottoms so we’ve been able to use it to go down to the river access looking for dementia patients and/or people that have been stranded on the river. So it’s got many, many facets that we’ve definitely been able to use it, but dominantly it will be used for grass fires and wildland fires.”

The Sigourney Fire-Rescue Association received a $21,837 grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for the UTV. This new equipment will impact the calls they respond to not only in Keokuk but surrounding counties.