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Supervisors Move on WEMIGA Agreement

Posted: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 6:25 am

The Washington County Board of Supervisors continued discussion and took action regarding the recycling agreement with WEMIGA Waste Tuesday.

Washington County Attorney John Gish presented a pair of revised drafts of the agreement with one splitting reimbursement to WEMIGA evenly between the City of Washington and the county based on invoiced net losses and the other draft splitting reimbursement evenly between city and county for losses by recyclable category. Supervisor Richard Young shared his and the board’s thoughts during discussion. “To me John (Gish), the first one where you talked about the net recycling, is the one that makes the most sense. Because anyone that’s in business, you could lose money on one thing and make money on another. We really should be looking at the net profit.”

In a unanimous decision the board decided to adopt the agreement based on a net total. Gish said that the amendments have been sent to representatives of both the City of Washington and WEMIGA but they have not responded.