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Washington School Board Reviews Previous Goals; Talks Future Procedure

Posted: Thursday, July 12th, 2018 at 6:25 am

The Washington Community School board used Wednesday’s meeting as a chance to look back and forward when it comes to goal setting for the district.

The board referenced the goals for last fiscal year which included implementing a 10 year long range facility plan, executing a state student survey and reviewing results regarding learning and working with teachers, administration, and student achievement goals.

As of the July meeting, a 10 year long range facility plan had not been finished. Discussion turned to the feasibility of a 10 year plan and the benefit of a five year facilities plan instead, or having both a five and 10 year plan in place. The state survey has been completed by students, results will be compiled and presented to the board and administrators in the district. Student achievement goal data was also still be compiled to be presented. New Washington Superintendent Willy Stone, at his first school board meeting presented ideas for future goal setting procedure. “It seems like we have a lot of groups with several different goals, and if we want to be a district that gets our arrow pointing in the right direction at all times, I’m not sure that we can have all groups with different goals. Where is the consistency in that? I want that to be something that is created as a group, this is where we need to go. What are the main three goals for our district? I think we need to migrate to that so that we are all on the same page and shooting at the same target.”

A meeting between building administrators and TLC teachers will happen early in August and information will be presented to the board during their meeting next month to begin setting consistent goals. The Washington school board will meet on the third Wednesday of August.