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Below Freezing Temperatures, Keep Pets Safe

Posted: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 6:23 am
Author: Sally Y. Hart - KCII News

Photos of animals awaiting adoption courtesy of PAWS and More

The thermometer will remain low, with temperatures below freezing most of the week and with this cold weather take extra care of your pets. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats and dogs should be kept indoors during cold weather, as they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, even with their fur coats, although some breeds may be more tolerant. Director of PAWS and More Amber Talbot says pets need adequate shelter, “Adequate shelter is probably the number one challenge that we have with pet owners. You know, the plastic dog house is simply not adequate, there needs to be proper insulation that does not consist of blankets or towels, or that form of bedding. The biggest thing that, I think, we forget about is that type of bedding will get wet and cold, and becomes a hard block of ice, so it really doesn’t create any thermal barrier for the animal.” Also, make sure that they have access to water as it may freeze overnight. High temperatures in Washington will be in the mid-40’s at the end of the week, listen to KCII for weather updates.