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Buffington Breaks Out in Sophomore Season

Posted: Thursday, November 8th, 2018 at 7:37 am

Winfield-Mt. Union sophomore Jenna Buffington had a very good freshman season, finishing with 231 kills and 233 digs through 96 sets.  Her sophomore year saw those numbers jump in a shorter amount of time.

Buffington stayed fierce on the attack, coming in second in kills in the SEISC North with 261.  She did that in just 81 sets played, making her tops in the conference in kills per set, which came out to just above three.

Her defensive numbers also rose.  Primarily as an outside hitter, she dug it up 308 times (second on the team) and got a decent amount of blocks (27 total) on a left side that didn’t get a whole lot of blocking opportunity.  Her serving numbers also went up from a year ago, improving her efficiency by over four percent and landing 47 aces, 11 higher than last year’s.

Buffington will be back next year for her junior season.