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Mid-Prairie Conduct Policy to be Voted On

Posted: Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at 6:24 am
Author: Brandon Shanahan - KCII News

An updated version of the Mid-Prairie athletic and activity conduct policy will be voted on during Monday’s school board meeting.

Currently, the policy groups athletics, performing arts, and student leadership together when it comes to handing down discipline. When Mid-Prairie Activities Director Tyler Holtz saw this, he thought there needed more clarity, “I have to be the one who administers this. As I read the first one, it wasn’t clear to me how to administer [the policy] to specific things. It said for a third of season for a first offense. My question was, does that mean a third of competition or a third of the days, weeks, months?”

The proposed changes state that for athletics, the suspension will be based on the competition season, with rounding up for an uneven amount. For example, if a sports season has 20 competitions a student will be ineligible for seven of those for his or her first conduct violation. The discipline for students in arts or student leadership will be handed down based on the number of days of the session. The policy passed the first reading on December 10th. If it passes the second reading on Monday, the new policy will go into effect immediately.